Puppetry in Practice

Since 1980, Puppetry in Practice, Inc. has provided thousands of students, teachers, and administrators with quality, educational arts programming, performances and events. Our Puppet Center, housed in the School of Education at Brooklyn College, allows us to provide resources and support to many budding teachers with techniques and methods for incorporating the arts into their classroom teaching.

PiP targets school populations, Pre-K to 12, including students, teachers, administrators and parents (25,000-30,000 individuals in approximately 20 schools annually). PiP programs also take place throughout the year in museums and community-based organizations, among other venues. PiP has several longstanding relationships--some exceeding 10 to 15 years—with a number of schools in multiple boroughs. Administrators and teachers work very closely with PiP to devise programming to address various language and literacy skills for their students.

Throughout the years, PiP has placed dynamic and professional teaching artists into NYC schools to cover a broad range of curriculum topics and areas of study with a hands-on, arts-based approach. PiP continues to evolve in order to meet the current changes in educational standards throughout the state and country in order to continually produce unique, high-quality arts programming. Schools often request PiP programs in multiple art forms after a residency. Schools administrators visit neighboring schools and request PiP programming.

"PIP promotes teamwork—every job is special and is needed
to complete the task. The students feel such a sense
of achievement."

-2nd Grade Teacher, PS 28, Queens, NY

Ranging from traditional puppetry to stop-motion animation, PiP is committed to exploring the wide range of possibilities available for students to express themselves, tell stories and contribute to the rich cultural landscape of New York City and the world.

PiP also works closely with students about to become teachers--those enrolled in the School of Education at Brooklyn College. By reaching educators before they begin teaching, the arts can be maximized in the classroom experience and move from being supplemental to learning to the essential core of learning. PiP also works with a broad spectrum of learning-challenged students and adults.

Sharing sessions in schools engage administrators, teachers, parents and parent coordinators and the students' work is showcased. School-wide presentations reach hundreds more children in each school. The animation projects are shared among classes, and between schools, through PiP's website and YouTube. Their projects are documented and shared with students and teachers at the PiP Resource Center and through PiP's online newsletter. PiP carefully documents its residencies and shares its findings at citywide conferences. PiP’s exploration of multicultural folktales was detailed in a November 2014 presentation at the United Nations, discussing the importance of acknowledging and learning from students' various cultures of origin.

We believe our programs promote a higher quality of learning, awareness and growth in students while developing critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and other essential life skills. Puppetry In Practice is committed to using the arts as a lens through which students experience, learn from, and appreciate the world's rich history of ideas, cultures and imagination.