Puppetry in Practice
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Early Childhood

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Skills Developed by this Program

21st Century Learning

Differentiated Learning

Cooperative Learning

English Language Learning

Integrating STEM

Immersion in the Arts

The Early Childhood programs at PiP are designed to give students a hands-on approach to an exploration of materials and art making processes. PiP has partnered with the Early Childhood Center at Brooklyn College to provide engaging and interactive projects to help students develop socially, creatively, and cognitively. From puppet making to performances to new media (such as animation, film, and sound recording), PiP introduces a wide range of techiniques for students to explore.

"Your patience, knowledge, humor, and ability to help build literacy skills through storytelling has shown the students that learning can be fun.  Your program helps develop an appreciation for the creative individuality of others."

-Pre-K Teacher, PS 28Q, Queens, NY

The goal is to foster learning in an artistic environment in which students interact with each other and connect with new ideas, emotions and experiences.

Pre-K programs in PS 28 in Queens, NY and PS 134 in Brooklyn, NY have brought our unique approach to Early Childhood directly into the schools.

Programs focus on stories and storytelling. One residency dives into Too Much Noise by Ann McGovern, a story based on an old Yiddish folktale about a man who lives in a house that is just too noisy. The story has many characters, most of whom are animals, that the students were able to pretend to be, make puppets of, and perform shadow plays about. Projects range from individual collage making to whole class animations and dance parties. Students become the characters, perform for each other and develop literacy skills in fun and challenging ways.