Puppetry in Practice
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Festivals and Parades

To Plan a Parade or Festival

Contact Dr. Tova Ackerman


Skills developed by this program

Immersion in the Arts

Cultural Exploration

Liven up any day of the year with a spectacular festival or parade around your theme of choice. PiP helps teachers, students and parents work together in a variety of workshops and performances that build skills and awareness of how the arts can serve as means of communication and expression. Additionally, school-wide parades build community with celebration, laughter and joy. A festival or parade can be a one-day event or the culmination of any residency. Some of our past celebrations have included Halloween, Earth Day, Chinese Lunar New Year, Purim, and Flag Day.

Parades and festivals are an exciting and colorful way for the entire school to participate in, and learn about, various cultures and holidays from around the world.

Examples of parades include:

Chinese Lunar New Year

Chinese Lunar New Year

In this cultural celebration for your whole school, several students are transformed into a large papier-mache dragon. They parade through the school building to welcome the Lunar New Year. Children in all grades write their wishes for a good new year on red squares, and as the dragon walks around the school, children wait outside their classrooms to “feed” their wishes to the dragon.

Earth Day Celebrations

Earth Day Celebrations

Students create a variety of puppets out of recycled materials for a school-wide parade! Learning how to turn everyday recyclables into art is not only economical, it also helps teach environmental responsibility and sustainability. We don't just recycle, we UP-cycle!