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Flip’s Fantastic Journals

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"[Angelo was] professional, patient, clear and entertaining. The children and I always looked forward to [his] lessons. They were always very upbeat, accepting and informative."

- 2nd Grade Teacher, PS 124, Brooklyn, NY



Author/illustrator Angelo DeCesare’s Flip’s Fantastic Journal series are curriculum based and extensively tested in classrooms in New York City. The Flip series is respected by educators and reading specialists alike, while Flip, his family, and his friends are recognizable to thousands of children across the country. Flip is based on the author himself and the characters all represent real family members and friends that surrounded him as he grew up in NYC. As a result, Angelo is able to inspire young writers to create innovative characters and fun stories based on themselves and their surroundings. Flip’s Fantastic Journal was well reviewed by School Library Journal, and was cited by Reading Today as having “all the ingredients budding diarists need to be successful in their own endeavors: honesty, creativity, and the option of illustration when words fail.”

"It was so nice to see the kids thrive in this learning environment and have fun while learning. They really needed this!!!"

-3rd Grade Teacher, PS 315, Brooklyn, NY

Programs can range from one-day author visits to 10-week residencies where students can explore a variety of topics that span early elementary curricula with Flip as their guide. Scroll down for specific book and residency information. Additionally, Flip is entering the digital age and is now available as an animation residency.

All Flip-related residencies include Journals and Activity Books for students and teachers.

All the Flip books are available for purchase from Puppetry in Practice using this order form.

Science Journal and Comic for Grades K-3

  Space-Flipper's Super Science Adventure

Space-Flipper and the Super Bridge Brigade are a team of superheroes whose job is to keep Earth pollution-free. A time machine accident brings a dinosaur named Crunch into the future. Renaming himself The Crunchinator, the dinosaur knows and cares nothing about protecting the environment. As the story unfolds, The Crunchinator challenges Space-Flipper and his team with a series of environmental threats. It’s up to the superheroes to stop him from harming our planet while showing alternatives to his destructive ways.

Math Residency for Grades Pre-K and K

  Flip's Math Party Journal!

Angelo DeCesare shows how the elements of early math are not boring, starting with Flip’s dream sequence and followed by exciting math activities. Using pre-cut colorful shapes and glue sticks, the children create “Party Food” for Flip, making ice cream cones, cupcakes, juice cups and pizza. They learn about shapes, the relationship of one shape to another and how shapes can be different sizes, patterns and be divided into simple fractions. The result is a colorful mathematical mosaic.

Beginner Journal Writing for Grade 1

  Flip's Fantastic Journal

The book that started it all, this original Flip Journal teaches even the most reluctant writers the joy of creative writing and journal entry. In this story, Flip’s teacher Ms. Flea-Collar has Flip write in his journal every day, even though he hates doing it. When Flip realizes that he can make things up, his imagination runs wild and his writing becomes full of adventure and excitement. Students learn to draw the Flip characters with Angelo and then embark on creative story writing of their own.

Beginner Memoir Writing for Grade 1

  Flip's Mighty Memoir Journal!

In this book Flip’s teacher, Ms. Flea-Collar, asks him to write about something from his past. Flip has trouble thinking of anything to write, so to jog his memory his mom takes him to visit their old neighborhood. Flip is still unable to recall anything about his earlier life until he finds an old toy dinosaur, named Crunch, in his closet. Through Crunch, Flip remembers incidents from his past and writes a much-improved memoir. In the classroom, children make puppets of the characters, create memoirs and bring them to life through puppet drama.

Reading & Friendship Program for Grade 2

  Flip's Amazing Online Journal!

In this newest addition to the Flip series, Flip discovers his best friend Muzz hates the library because he doesn’t like to read. In an effort to change Muzz’s opinions about reading, Flip decides to create a book all about his best friend. Muzz loves the book and even adds his own ending, expressing his great friendship with Flip! In this program, students conduct interviews with their peers and write books about each other. The program finishes with students sharing their works with one another.

A Community Studies Program for Grade 2

  Flip's Neighborhood Journal!

An excellent way for young students to become engaged with their community, this story involves Flip telling the readers about his life in Brooklyn and some of the community helpers in his neighborhood. The children learn to draw the Flip characters and then create their own book in which the characters are community helpers. One popular culminating activity PiP offers is a Publisher’s Exhibit in which students showcase their books and share them with their community.

Responsibility and Teamwork for Grade 3

  Flip's Super Journal!

Flip plans a “super fun day” with his best friend, Muzz. This includes playing with their favorite action figures, Space Flier and Mighty Mutt. Unfortunately, their fun is postponed when Muzz has to watch his baby brother, Digger, for “10 whole minutes.” But Flip and Muzz flop as babysitters and their fun day is canceled. On the way home from Muzz’s house, Flip blames baby Digger for ruining his day. Flip’s big sister, Sniffie, reminds Flip that he was once a baby brother, too. Students create the Flip characters as superheroes and create book art or puppet adventures for them.

Anger Management Program for Grade 3

  Flip's Cool Video Journal

A great addition to any anti-bullying curriculum! Instead of writing in his journal, Flip records his day with a camcorder. The day includes three angry moments involving Flip’s mom, his sister, and his best friend. Flip discovers that he accidentally recorded these moments. By using the camcorder’s ‘rewind’ button, Flip discovers the REAL cause of everyone’s anger. Can Flip make things better and can he learn a lesson in anger management?

Flip's Activity Books

Used as companions to the Flip Journal series, these Activity Books will have students writing and reading like never before. All Write, All Ready!, teaches students the basics of drawing all the Flip characters and creating stories and scenarios for them. Activities test comprehension in a fun and exciting way. Do the Write Thing! is a companion to Flip’s Video Journal as part of PiP’s anger management/anti-bullying program. This activity book is designed to help students learn to make the right choices about anger-related issues they face both at school and at home.


  • 2nd Graders in PS 217 created animations with Flip about NYC Landmarks.