Puppetry in Practice
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Immersive Theater

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Skills Developed by this program

Speaking and Performance Skills

English Language Learning

Connections to Core Standards

Cooperative Learning

Cultural Exploration


"It makes me feel like a true actress or William Shakespeare. I fel like a puppeteer who is full of enthusiasm."

-3rd Grade Student, PS 159, Brooklyn, NY

Through PiP’s playwriting- and performance-based Immersive Theater residency, students explore folktales of various cultures, countries or regions (based on a school’s preference or curriculum) and ultimately adapt and perform their own versions of these folktales. (Residencies have focused on the Tales of the Panchatantra of Southeast Asia, African folk tales, Native American folk tales and others.) Using a variety of performance techniques, enhanced by incorporating puppetry, students are involved in a comprehensive immersion in the theater process—from research to character development and from playwriting to performance. The process can be tailored to enhance key skills for English Language Learners.

"The most profound strength of the program is that the students’ interest was sparked and they wanted to read, speak and write. At times they were writing dialogue and I don’t think they realized they were working and creating because they were having so much fun. The children loved expressing themselves."

-3rd Grade Teacher, PS 159, Brooklyn, NY

Students are engaged in physical and vocal warm-ups; giving characters a vocal and physical life; choosing and detailing scenes; storyboard development; writing dialogue for key moments; script writing and scene development; original adaption and dialogue writing; the creation of design elements (scenery, puppetry, costumes); and the performance of their original work for an audience of their peers, teachers, administrators and family.