Puppetry in Practice
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My New York

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Skills Developed by this Program

21st Century Learning

Integrating STEM

English Language Learning

Connections to Core Standards

Cooperative Learning

Puppetry and new media technologies are in demand in schools today. The MY NEW YORK program uses these art forms to explore historic figures, neighborhoods, current issues and landmarks of NYC. General population, ELL and Special Ed students are engaged on multiple levels as these residencies develop creative problem-solving, critical-thinking, communication and collaboration skills through hands-on learning.

“I really believe that my class left the final week with a better understanding of NYC history!”

-2nd Grade Teacher, PS 28, Queens, NY

This multi-grade level project aims to provide early childhood students with a strong foundation in the arts, puppet play and collaboration, in addition to reinforcing social studies curriculum maps. MY NEW YORK looks to inspire young students to appreciate all the amazing things in and around NYC, to respect their neighborhood and to preserve the rich landscape of peoples, cultures and history.

MY NEW YORK was created following the incredible success of Bridging Brooklyn, a PiP program focused on the history of the Brooklyn Bridge for 2nd Graders, which was funded by the NEA.

'Good Neighbor' Residency


Pre-K and Kindergarten residencies begin with a delightful age-appropriate puppet show. This literacy-based program immerses students in live puppet theater focused on cooperation and being a good neighbor. Students create puppets, improvise scenes and use dramatic play to interact with one another in positive and creative ways.


Create a Neighborhood with an Author/Illustrator


In this residency, 1st Graders work create Neighborhood Toy Theaters and explore scenarios that affect our neighborhoods in their interactive cardboard playscape. Students work with paper collage, pop-up mechanisms and 3-D construction as they create the backdrop for an interactive puppet theater representing their very own neighborhood. Perfect for dramatic play.

Explore the Landmarks of NYC

Stop-Motion Animation Grade 2

With Stop-Motion Animation, the computer and the camera become tools for showcasing and sharing collaborative work. Here, 2nd Graders use technology and teamwork to gain a deeper understanding of some of the city’s most colorful, historic figures and its diverse neighborhoods. Students become virtual tour guides of their surrounding boroughs via the computer and animation.