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Parent Programs

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Skills Developed by this Program

Immersion in the Arts

English Language Learning

Cooperative Learning

Performance and Speaking Skills

PiP offers a series of parent workshops in conjunction with classroom residencies. We design workshops specifically focused on English language learning as well as programs providing parents with tools that better prepare them to support their children in their schoolwork. Combined parent and child programs bring families together through collective, creative projects and parents gain a deeper understanding of the value of the arts in learning.

Additionally, parents are outstanding resources for providing elements of their own cultures, and those elements are often incorporated in our arts-based programming. PiP’s puppet shows, celebrations and festivals draw parents into the schools to participate in the celebration of the students' work.

Parent Programs can take place at schools or in our Resource Center at Brooklyn College.

Programs for parents include:

Programs for parents include:

- Puppet building
- Toy Theater workshop
- Stop-motion Animation techniques
- Folktale and Memoir writing
- Interactive Storytelling
- ELL programs