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Whether for the classroom, library or auditorium, PiP offers interactive puppet shows for all ages. Performances can be booked as standalone events or as part of a longer residency, which focuses on re-creating, re-telling or re-interpreting the lessons learned from the story. For example, after seeing our lively and interactive performance of Group Soup, students can work in groups to design, create and perform Toy Theater versions of the story, which they perform for their peers, parents and teachers. A performance can be scheduled as part of a class field trip to the PiP Center at Brooklyn College.

PiP blends classic and modernized folktales from cultures around the world to provide a platform for schools to expand on curriculum and address multiculturalism.

PiP’s performers are all puppet and theater professionals with the ability to engage students with fun and interactive puppet shows designed to entertain and educate.

Performances include:

Apartment for Rent

Inspired by the classic tale “Flat for Rent” by Leah Goldberg, this exciting, interactive presentation, will have young audiences engaged in learning about what it means to be a good citizen and live in harmony with different-minded neighbors. A delightful assortment of animal characters discover the meaning of community. Great for younger audiences Pre-K and up!

Group Soup

Based on the folktale Stone Soup, Rodney Rabbit the itinerant Magician goes around and spreads his magic. He is tired of eating sandwiches and would like to have soup but doesn’t have the ingredients, only a stone. With the help of his friends he makes a wonderful soup. His real magic trick is getting everyone to cooperate. Companion book written by Tova Ackerman with illustrations by Valeri Gorachev is available.

Tales of Anansi the Spider

Based on a West African folk tale, “Anansi and His Children” is about a mischievous spider that gets into some big trouble while on an adventure. Luckily, Anansi’s six children quickly come to the rescue. When they put their superpowers together, the children find that they can overcome any obstacle. Suitable for any age!