Puppetry in Practice

All of PiP's programs and residencies are designed to strengthen and develop particular skills in students while addressing the needs of curriculum standards and diverse learning populations. We aim to cover a broad range of educational strategies and methods with each program. Browse the skills below to learn more about how we integrate these learning strategies.

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  • Connections to Core Standards

    Connections to Core Standards

    All PiP programming is directly tied to the Common Core Standards and New York City's Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts.

  • Speaking and Performance Skills

    Speaking and Performance Skills

    By focusing on literacy, student populations of all grade levels develop stronger communication and oral presentation skills through PiP's performance-based programs. These skills have proven to be highly effective in both English Language Learner and Special Education populations.

  • Cultural Exploration

    Cultural Exploration

    PiP explores folktales, literature and stories derived from a wide variety of cultures. PiP tailors its programming to the needs of each school, reflecting the cultural diversity of each institution, teaching social studies, literacy and cultural tolerance.

  • 21st Century Learning

    21st Century Learning

    PIP's programs develop creative, critical thinking through engagement with new media technologies to foster innovation and problem solving skills in students.

  • English Language Learning

    English Language Learning

    PIP has a long history of promoting literacy and improving English language development in ELL and ESL students through puppetry and the arts.

  • Cooperative Learning

    Cooperative Learning

    Cooperative-based learning lets students with different skill sets learn from one another while gaining confidence through sharing their own strengths with the group.

  • Differentiated Learning

    Differentiated Learning

    By employing a variety of teaching methods, PIP is committed to providing quality educational programs that reach a wide range of students and their complex array of learning strategies and strengths.

  • Integrating STEM

    Integrating STEM

    Exciting ways that the arts can reinforce Science, Technology, Engineering and Math learning.
    - Research and Discovery
    - Problem Solving

  • Immersion in the Arts

    Immersion in the Arts

    PIP specializes in promoting creativity and artistic expression through explorations and investigations of the visual arts, performing arts, creative writing, puppetry and multimedia projects.