Puppetry in Practice

21st Century Learning

Developing thoughful, imaginative and conscientious members of society for the future is a high priority at PIP. Advancements in technology and information are often a daunting task for parents and educators. As the standards and required skills for productivity in the 21st century become more complicated, new learning strategies are urgently needed. PiP actively works with schools using a variety of approaches to address these skills and helps students with college and employment readiness.

Critical thinking, problem solving, the ability to communicate with others and a familiarity with various technologies are at the forefront of education and are all aimed at inspiring innovation and exceptional student outcomes. PIP embraces this challenge by continuously evolving and designing programs to address these needs to provide support for teachers looking to incorporate these skills into their classrooms.

Core Subjects

While PIP projects are centered around existing curriculum maps and can relate to any subject, they broaden the scope through which they are accessed through arts-based learning. Whether Math, Science, Social Studies or Language Arts, the core subjects are the foundations of well rounded education. 

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

Critical thinking and probelm solving skills help students make informed decisions, be responsible with information they access and develop new and exciting ways of interaction and expression. The ability to troubleshoot and be creative when confronted with various questions or problems is a key towards the advancement of higher order thinking.

New Media Technologies

When it comes to new media and technology, it is imperative that young students be taught to be actively engaged with hardware and software. Rather than being a passive viewer of the internet and search engines, students should feel inspired to use technology as a means for the creation and dissemination of their ideas. Using software to create movies, animations, music and art demonstrates this idea.

Collaboration and Communication

Working in groups means students work cooperatively to solve problems. They ask questions of each other, learn from each other and determine the best way to move forward to showcase the many individual skills present within the group. Learning to compromise, share and communicate with others is imperative to the success of projects and personal growth in our society.


Creativity leads to innovation. The ability to come up with new ideas, demonstrate excitement over them and a willingness to share with others is the foundation for the future.  Inspiring and enabling students to think on their own and be confident with their creations is a PIP priority.

Life and Career Skills

21st century learning skills are all geared at developing conscientious, intelligent and informed students. This prepares them for life after school, gives them essential tools that lead to successful careers and provides a strong foundation for them to reach the goals they set for themselves and the world.