Puppetry in Practice

Cultural Exploration

Puppetry in Practice creates curriculum-centered, literacy-based arts residencies for schools and community-based organizations either in school or after school. Most schools that PiP serves present a wide range of cultural diversity in the student population (mirroring the vibrant diversity found in New York City itself)—with programming reflecting these cultures of origin (reaching large populations of African American, Latino, Chinese and Southeast Asian students).

The Bridges to Culture project (Part 2 of the Bridging Brooklyn program) explores folktales, literature and stories derived from these and other cultures. PiP tailors its programming to the needs of each school, reflecting the cultural diversity of each institution. In addition, parents can participate in and contribute to the final sharing of the presentations at each school, enhancing the cultural experience.

Many schools open their final sharing to the entire student body of a particular grade, along with parents, teachers and administrators. Schools are able to view each others' final projects through online postings of their work on the PiP website and on YouTube. This electronic connection and sharing, in itself, provides its own Bridge to Culture.

Programs Developing This Skill