Puppetry in Practice

Immersion in the Arts

The arts are a unique gateway for students to experience the world, respect different cultures and express ideas and emotions in ways that can reflect deeper meaning than can be expressed in words alone. In an educational environment, the arts can provide students with solutions that will build long lasting understanding of core curriculum across any subject.

PIP is founded on the principle that an arts-based education integrated into core curriculum teaching will produce more well rounded, creative and innovative students.

The professional artists that make up our core staff bring their own passion for the arts to the classroom. They inspire challenging and exciting hands-on projects that seamlessly blend into classroom learning and connect to the Core Standards.

Our programs build skills in:

Visual Arts

Puppetry is one of the more unique forms of the visual arts. At its core, puppetry develops imagination and creativity through play and interaction with an inanimate art object. Using visual art techniques, PIP artists instruct students on various ways of constructing puppets, sets ands stages. From paper folding and collage to pop-up book techniques and papier mache, students can explore proportion, anatomy, perspective, color theory and more all while creating an object that is great for performances and multimedia applications.

Creative Writing

Developing a command over the language arts gives students the ability to express their ideas, convey meaning and share their understanding in a variety of ways. Creative writing extends to poetry and folklore where language can transform into complex metaphors that require critical thinking and interpretation. PIP programs highlight author studies, journal and memoir writing, storyboarding for animations and fiction writing based on non-fiction themes.

Performing Arts

The performing arts build confidence, self-awareness and the ability to improve presentation skills. Puppet performance is an exceptional place to develop English Language Learning in ELA populations. The camaraderie and teamwork building that takes place through ensemble based work lets students feel support from one another while sharing in various leadership roles.

Multimedia/Moving Image

The digital age provides students with an entirely new set of tools with which to express themselves and learn curriculum content like never before. Digital media such as animation, music generating software and photo editing software gives students access to technology in hands-on, interactive ways, improve digital literacy and promote real 21st Century Learning.

Programs Developing This Skill