Puppetry in Practice

Puppetry in Practice Center at Brooklyn College

Brooklyn College, 2900 Bedford Avenue, 0712 James Hall
PIP Center Phone: (718) 951-4240


PIP Center at Brooklyn College

The PiP Center and Resource Room at Brooklyn College opened its doors in 1980. Originally a part of the School of Education, PiP is now its own independent non-profit organization. Still, PiP remains active and integrated with the college and the School of Ed which continues to provide PiP with vital support and opportunities. Our partnerships with the School of Ed and the Early Childhood Center keep our center buzzing with young teachers and even younger students.

Walk through the door of 0712 James Hall, the drop-in center of Puppetry In Practice, and take a trip to China or Peru. The makings of marionettes, in evidence everywhere, invite you to participate in the cross-cultural collaboration that has made PiP a teachers' trove for over 30 years. The PiP Center is adorned with puppets, pictures and masks documenting the years of programs and performances and is a treasure trove of puppet-making materials and techniques. Our staff is always on hand and excited to share our knowledge with teachers about effective, fun and engaging ways to incorporate puppetry and the arts into their lesson plans. We offer professional development workshops in a variety of methods to teachers interested in expanding their arts-based learning repetoire.

Always filled with the activity of students, parents or teachers, the PiP Center and Resource Room is a collaborative atmosphere designed to promote the sharing of ideas in a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, arts space.

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